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Full-fat Autumnal Cheese

Full-fat Autumnal Cheese
Providing food for ourselves incites a primal sense of security and learning a new skill elicits positive feelings of accomplishment and pride, so while 2020 clearly became the year we all made sourdough, let's continue the traditions and make this one the year of full-fat cheese. After all, the testimony of a good piece of bread is the depth of teeth marks left in the butter smothered over it.

Join me for my home cheese making workshop:

A beginners guide to the essentials of a cheese larder

In this hands-on cheese making class I'll show you: how to make crème fraiche which we'll churn into cultured butter. The leftover buttermilk will be transformed into the most decadent & richest ricotta you've ever tried and you'll learn how to turn butter into a nutty flavoured ghee. I'll also show you all the tricks to making a lusciously thick & creamy yoghurt (without the additives or nasty thickeners) and finally you'll hang yoghurt to make labneh.

I'll share time-honoured wisdoms and seasonal recipes to inspire you to show off your cheese making skills with pride. Recipes include:
  • Baked ricotta
  • Whipped ricotta cream, figs & honey
  • Flavoured butter
  • Shrikhand
  • Labneh & ricotta cheesecake/s
  • Buttermilk & whey dressings
  • Whey fermented sodas
  • and so much more....

Plus you’ll take home: recipes, labneh, cultured butter & ricotta and all the knowledge to confidently make everything in your home kitchen.

Sunday 7th March
Sunday 30th May

Two Good Co.
255 Wilson Street

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