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Ricotta Masterclass

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  • Focusing on one cheese, these live virtual masterclasses will give you the opportunity to dive deeper into the recipes, traditions and technique of each cheese.

    This is the perfect masterclass for you if:

    • you're new to making cheese, you're keen to get started but don't know where to start
    • you've tried making ricotta before but you were unsatisfied with the flavour, texture and yield
    • you've already been to one of my workshops but you'd really love a refresher course
    • you'd love to make the most decadent ricotta of your life
    • This 2 hour masterclass will answer all your questions and demystify the process of the best and most decadent ricotta you'll ever taste. All from your home kitchen.

      BUT, as well as making cheese, Kristen will demonstrate a selection of simple, seasonal dishes (including baked ricotta) that will entice & inspire you to keep making these cheeses at home and to show off your new found skills to all your friends.

      And let's not forget about that leftover whey. We'll finish up each class with 101 wheys. Learn about the many uses of whey which will change the way you think about a waste product most cheesemakers throw away.

    • When: Available to watch on-demand
      Where: Online

      Before the class: we’ll send you a recipe card and prep sheet (complete with shopping list, equipment needed and set-up tips), so you can be ready to go when you log into the session via Zoom.
      During the class: This is a live webinar. The first 90 minutes you can choose to either cook along with me or watch and take notes The last 30 minutes will be dedicated to a special Q&A session where I will answer all your questions about ricotta.
      Can't watch live? No problem, the masterclasses will be recorded so you can watch on-demand and, hit pause when needed.